The Good Reverend Jim

This website is all about trying to make the world a better place! The primary focus is relationships. Topics like astrology, religion and politics are a primary focus.

A Different Kind of Reverend

Legally, I am a reverend, but I am not a reverend in the traditional sense. Thanks to the United States freedom of religion, anyone can become a reverend. The requirements are very minimal because we do not want our government deciding what is and what is not a religion. I have became a reverend via the web site themonastery.org so that I could do the wedding ceremony for a good friend of mine.

Regarding my religious training, I grew up attending a Baptist church weekly. I stopped attending after I turned 18 primarily because I found out that they would not preform services for my family because we were not “members”. I never liked going to church anyway. Since then, I have been exposed to some other religions primarily through humanities courses in college. I found Hinduism particularly interesting. It was not until I was in my 40’s that I achieved my goal of going through the Bible from front to back (as opposed to bits and pieces). I do not believe in any particular religion; I am not even sure if I believe in God. I am definitely not Christian, but I greatly admire Jesus.

What I do believe in is trying to be a “Good” person. I do not try to be good to get into Heaven and have a higher position when I get there. I believe that God loves everyone the same and we all have a special place in his heart. I believe in being good so that our time on Earth is more enjoyable.

This site will highlight what I believe to be “Good”. I will tend to focus on Christianity because I am most familiar with that religion and it is the most common in my country (the United States of America). I assume that the same concepts that I speak of carry over to other religions. I love feedback, but do not like rude comments. Please be respectful with your responses.

- The Good Reverend Jim